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    • U.S. import tariffs causing 'unnecessary harm' SEMA

      WASHINGTON, D.C. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is adding its voice to those opposing the Trump administration's expanding penchant for tariffs on imported goods, saying they are harming American companies, workers, and...

    • Kicking the tires of the future (part 3)

      To gain insight into how the tire industry perceives the tire of tomorrow, Tire Business surveyed a handful of major tire makers, asking about a number of game-changing aspects of tire design.

    • Bridgestone claims hybrid-polymer breakthrough

      TOKYO — Bridgestone Corp. is claiming it has discovered a way to bond rubber and resins at the molecular level into a hybrid polymer, a development that could lead to reducing the amount of polymeric materials needed in tires.

    • Dealer Tire named 2018 Northeast Ohio top workplace

      CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper has named Dealer Tire L.L.C. a "top workplace" in Northeast Ohio, based on the results of a feedback survey of employees administered by an independent research firm.

    • Intelligent tires: Coming to a bay near you

      HILTON HEAD, S.C.—Technological innovations at major tire companies, especially those dealing with "big data" and tire-vehicle connectivity, are quickly making autonomous vehicles a reality, according to executives with Continental Tire the ...

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