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    • Michelin revamp means U.S., France job cuts

      CLERMONT-FERRAND, France Group Michelin is reorganizing its operations into 10 regions and 14 business lines, an initiative that will result in roughly 1,500 job cuts in France and 450 in the U.S.

    • Michelin to upgrade Scottish tire plant

      DUNDEE, Scotland Group Michelin, with the backing of the Scottish government, plans to invest $21 million in its factory in Dundee to upgrade the plant for larger-sized tires and to reduce its environmental impact.

    • Light trucks, LT tires growing together

      AKRON — As recently as 2013, the market for new consumer vehicles in the U.S. was split 50-50 between cars and light trucks. But low gasoline prices and new products have combined since then to spur increasing demand for bigger vehicles....

    • Texas gov. vetoes used tire bill

      AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has vetoed a used tire bill that passed the state legislature in May, saying he opposed creating what would amount to a criminal penalty on people buying tires.

    • Celebrating a 40-year 'Miles'tone

      Miles Moore, the senior Washington reporter for both Tire Business and sister publication Rubber & Plastics News, is accomplishing something rarely seen in business these days. He recently celebrated his 40th anniversary June 13 ...

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