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Columns by Dan Marinucci

    • Tests boost productivity, profitability of scan tools

      Bi-directional tests improve the productivity and, ultimately, the profitability of a scan tool in any automotive service facility. Although this feature increases the tool's price, its diagnostic value more than offsets the extra cost.

    • Scan tool perspectives, tips for managers, foremen

      Purchasing a new scan tool may be a more-challenging task than many bosses realize. Now, more than ever, a prudent purchaser should establish priorities first and then shop patiently for a product or products that fill those needs.

    • Tips for shop owners in age of hybrids

      Tire dealers and service shop owners have asked about the equipment required to begin performing basic services on hybrid vehicles.
      I cannot overemphasize the wisdom of proper safety precautions.

    • Boss should create, cultivate culture of value

      A savvy boss cultivates a culture of value that permeates his or her company from top to bottom. Giving motorists good value fuels the long-term health of tire dealerships and service shops everywhere.

    • Make sure customers' vehicles pass smell test

      My field experience suggests that some folks simply don't get it. They don't recognize that the car owner expects his or her vehicle to come back in the same shape no worse than its condition when it arrived for maintenance or repairs.

    • Push pin preparedness pays off princely

      Every service department should be prepared properly for the potentially pesky push pin. Mishandling this common little fastener may prevent your team from meeting customers' expectations.

    • Some hot advice: That which runs well usually is

      Common sense prevents a prudent person from grabbing a red-hot poker with bare hands. Likewise, common automotive sense prevents proud professionals from hurling new parts at a vehicle that already runs well.

    • Careful cost estimates earn repeat business

      A thoughtful, professional repair estimate helps earn customers' trust and loyalty. This price quote should include a tactful reminder that some vehicles end up needing more work than anyone expected.

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