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Columns by Dan Marinucci

    • Tolerating carelessness can be costly mistake

      Tolerating technician carelessness is a false fix for unprofessional behavior. A slovenly tech who disrespects customers' cars always costs the business dearly in the end — dearly. Here's why.

    • Diagnostic solutions usually rooted in basics

      The tougher an automotive diagnosis seems to be, the more likely its solution is to be something basic. Unfortunately, these challenges easily sway some service personnel toward the other extreme — the unusual, weird possibilities.

    • Successful diagnosis built on the basics

      Successful automotive diagnoses have been built on performing basic but essential tests first. Then — and only then — do competent technicians pursue the more-involved aspects of automotive diagnosis.

    • Cleaning up after meter's battery leaks inside it

      Rescuing a valuable meter or tester after its battery leaks may be easier than many service personnel realize. Here are some practical cleanup methods that may save you and your staff time, money and aggravation.

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