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Rema opens OTR/Retread unit

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NORTHVALE, N.J. (Aug. 29, 2014) — Rema Tip Top/North America Inc. is broadening its portfolio into the OTR sector with the formation of an OTR & Retread Products division and a line of heat-cure tire repair materials.

The new product line features radial and bias heat-cure, uncured and clothback tire repair unit options.

“After much research and development, we are confident our new line of OTR repair materials and cements will be as well accepted as our other Rema Tip Top products,” said Olaf Gunnarsson, president, Rema Tip Top/North America.

The company has named Jeff Young as vice president of the division, which complements the company’s automotive and industrial divisions.

Rema Tip Top/North America Inc. photo Jeff Young, vice president, OTR & Retread Products Division, Rema Tip Top/North America Inc.

Mr. Young told Tire Business that Rema saw the OTR niche market as a profitable endeavor.

“We put the pieces in place to be a major player… It was an opportunity Rema wanted to capitalize on.”

The complete line of OTR products will include tire repair units and cements, cushion gums, repair cords, extruder rope and environmentally friendly Rema Aquas water-base cement.

The products will be produced at Rema’s 155,000-sq.-ft. Madison, Ga., plant. The plant also handles calendering, extruding, mixing and compounding.

Mr. Young declined to provide Rema’s capital outlay in the new division but said it was “a substantial investment.”

The company has long provided chemical-cure materials and is now launching into the production of heat-cure materials, he said.

“We have developed our product line with the assistance of some of the major dealers in the OTR and retreading markets,” said Mr. Young. “With their input we are confident the products we are bringing to market will not be matched.”





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