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Deadline nears for WTC HoF nominations

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DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (Aug. 19, 2014) — The deadline for nominating an individual for the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s Wheel & Tire Council’s Hall of Fame is this Friday, Aug. 22.

The WTC Hall of Fame was founded to honor and recognize individuals in the wheel and tire industry whose creativity, dignity, integrity, industriousness and accomplishments on a national basis have enhanced the status of the industry while significantly contributing to its growth, progress, and professionalism.

This year’s inductee will be honored Nov. 4 in Las Vegas at the WTC Industry Awards Reception during the 2014 SEMA Show. The reception will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Renaissance Hotel Pool area.

Any employee of a WTC member company can nominate an individual for this honor. For more information on candidate qualifications or to nominate your choice today go to SEMA's webpage.

The WTC notes several criteria for nomination, including:  

● Candidate’s contributions, in accordance with the purpose stated above, must extend beyond the local level to the national level.

● The candidate is, or has been, involved in the industry for a minimum of 10 years and/or has made a significant impact that has improved the industry as a whole.

● The candidate has made significant contributions toward enhancing technology, professionalism, dignity and the general stature of the industry.

● The candidate has acted in the industry with a high degree of integrity and professionalism.

● Membership in and a contribution to SEMA and WTC should be primary considerations for nomination and selection as an award recipient. However, at its discretion, the Awards Sub-committee may select an individual who is not a current SEMA and/or WTC member.

Last year’s HoF class comprised Corky Coker, head of Coker Tire Co., and Joe Fiendis of Wheel Consultants/Plus-Sizing Guides.



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