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Countrywide bolsters RubberMaster portfolio

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(Countrywide Tire & Rubber Co. photo)
RubberMaster ST RM76

MINNEAPOLIS (Aug. 7, 2014) — Countrywide Tire & Rubber Co. has added an ST radial trailer tire to its RubberMaster brand offerings.

The company said the opportunity to produce the new tire came during the development of Countrywide’s recently launched direct container program, LINK, and company officials “were extremely impressed when the (RubberMaster ST RM76) greatly exceeded quality standards set by the (Department of Transportation) during testing.”

Countrywide will offer a complete line up of the following sizes: ST175/80R13 6P; ST205/75R14 6P; ST215/75R14 6P; ST205/75R15 6P; ST205/75R15 8P; ST225/75R15 8P; ST225/75R15 10P; ST235/80R16 10P; and ST235/85R16 10P.

A company spokeswoman told Tire Business Countrywide has “no plans to expand the line past these sizes for the time being. RubberMaster is a new private label for tires. We have this brand for our inner tubes. At this time we are only offering the ST radial trailer tires.”

She did not disclose the manufacturer of the new tires or where they are being made.

The company has, up to now, marketed trailer tire lines in the Deestone, Deli and Mastertrack brands.

Eric Johnson, Countrywide vice president of operations, said the Minneapolis-based private brander “chose to produce our own brand of tire in order to drive more value to our customers who compete in the ST Radial category. The RubberMaster tire brand will provide our customers with a way to differentiate themselves from competitors in their area.

“We have a great relationship with the factory producing this product, and that will be key in helping us to advance initiatives regarding direct container distribution.”

Mr. Johnson said the factory-direct relationship provides Countrywide with the ability to control ship times and deliver shipments with unequaled accuracy. “We offer excellent distribution service to the tire industry, and LINK will allow Countrywide to offer the most competitive price we ever have,” he added.

Customers can order RubberMaster tires using Countrywide’s “Distribution Network Affinity” (D.N.A.) program, which gives customers a choice of either selecting LINK direct container or Select warehouse distribution methods. RubberMaster tires will be stocked through the Select program on a fill-in basis through early 2015, the company said, and “shortly thereafter customers will be able to order the tires on a primary basis as frequently as they would like.”

“All in all we have a quality product at a competitive price backed by flexible distribution options and an unbeatable warranty. We are excited to bring this product to market and put it to work for our customers,” Mr. Johnson said.

More information is available on Countrywide’s website.

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