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Michelin OE on Carlsson-tuned Benzes

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Michelin Group photo Carlsson Autotechnik G.m.b.H. is fitting its C25, a performance-boosted version of Mercedes' SL 65 AMG, with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

MERZIG, Germany (July 18, 2014) — Carlsson Autotechnik G.m.b.H., an aftermarket tuner specializing in Mercedes-Benz models, and Group Michelin have agreed to cooperate on tire and suspension specifications for future Carlsson offerings.

The partnership started recently with the fitment of Pilot Super Sport tires — 275/30R20 and 325/25R20 radials front and rear, respectively — on Carlsson’s top-of-the line C25, a performance-boosted version of Mercedes’ SL 65 AMG fitted with a 735-hp engine.  

Carlsson said the deal, which involves fitting Michelin’s Pilot Sport 3, Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires to various models, is a “step further towards the premium, ultra high-performance segment.”

The deal falls under the aegis of Michelin’s “Specialty Products” department within the tire maker’s Motorsports Division, whose mission is to manage the UHP car tire business, serving both small and large OEMS and tuners.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Carlsson CEO Markus Schuster said: “We’ve conducted many tests over the past three years, and Michelin tires have always been the ones to offer the highest, most consistent level of performance, on both the track and the open road, in dry as well as wet weather.”

Lorenzo Giovanelli, director of specialty products, Michelin Motorsport, said: “…working with such prestigious customers, whether tuners or niche manufacturers, allows us to reach out to real car enthusiasts and demonstrate our commitment to the high-end market and to driving pleasure. The partnership is perfectly aligned with our strategy for performance vehicles, which emphasizes performance, driving enjoyment and pure sportiness, with a constant focus on safety.”

Mr. Giovanelli went on to say the partnership with Carlsson goes one step further, because Carlsson has its own range of aftermarket wheels.

Carlsson vehicles are available in the U.S. from Offshore Motorsport L.L.C. in Anaheim, Calif., and Carlsson USA Inc. in Las Vegas.

Carlsson was founded by brothers Rolf and Andreas Hartge in 1989.



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