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TBC boosts Sailun MTR tire warranty

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (July 8, 2014) — TBC Corp.’s wholesale division has enhanced the warranty on the Sailun-brand medium radial truck tires it distributes exclusively in the U.S.

The enhancements “bring additional confidence to both vehicle owners and tire distributors in terms of the quality and performance of medium radial truck tires,” TBC said. They cover all Sailun-brand medium radial truck tires including the EFT—Environmentally Friendly Technology—series of fuel efficient tires, according to TBC Wholesale.

The upgraded warranty, which took effect May 1, includes:

• Extending the free tire replacement period to 50 percent of the original tread life if the tire becomes unserviceable due to workmanship or material defects;

• Extending the limited warranty coverage on all Sailun-brand medium truck tires to 60 months against defects in workmanship or materials. The warranty has been extended to 72 months for all Sailun’s SmartWay-verified tires designated by the EFT logo; and

• Increasing casing allowances to consistently cover both the first and second retreadings.

Brad Feeney, Palm Beach Gardens-based TBC Wholesale’s manager of commercial tires, said Sailun medium truck tires “are engineered for performance and durability. Therefore, the product warranty improvements—including the high casing allowances for both the first and second retread—are a direct reflection of the superior product performance of the Sailun tire.

“Sailun delivers a tremendous value, with long, even wear, dependable service, consistent and multiple retreads, and now a warranty to match, which is all part of the ‘Sailun Advantage.’”

More information about Sailun’s improved casing warranty for commercial tires is available on the company’s website or through an authorized Sailun dealer.

TBC targets the Sailun line at the “mid-value segment,” thus providing a “high value proposition with a combination of technology, innovation, and quality at a competitive price point,” the company said earlier this year.

It offers the Sailun line in 14 applications covering 72 SKUs, including four SmartWay-verified products. The distributor sources the brand from its manufacturer, China’s Qingdao Sailun Tyre Co. Ltd.

TBC’s Treadways unit first started distributing the Sailun truck tire brand in the U.S. in 2006. TBC started offering the Sailun brand on a broader basis in 2008 through TBC Wholesale.

TBC said the first Sailun tires manufactured by Qingdao Sailun rolled off the production line in 2001, and the company now sells more than 30 million tires annually in over 50 countries worldwide.

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