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General Altimax RT43 line broadened

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(Continental Tire the Americas L.L.C. photo)
Altimax RT43

FORT MILL, S.C. (July 7, 2014) — Continental Tire the Americas L.L.C.’s General brand is adding 37 sizes to its Altimax RT43 all-season touring tire line, expanding the size offering to 81 SKUs in 13- to 18-inch rim diameters.

General now offers the RT43 in sizes ranging from 175/70R13 to 235/65R18, predominantly in T speed ratings, along with five SKUs that are H-rated.

The ALtimax RT43 is aimed at drivers looking for a quiet, comfortable ride, combined with year-round, all-season traction, Continental said. The enhanced construction of the tire reduces tread distortion for even treadwear and extended treadlife, according to the tire maker.

Conti launched the Altimax RT43 in mid-2013 as the successor to the Altimax RT. 

The RT43 carries a UTQG wear rating of 600 for 13- to 15-inch sizes and 700 for 16- to 18-inch sizes, Conti said. The tire maker offers a 45-day customer satisfaction trial and a limited treadlife warranty—75,000 miles on T-rated versions and  65,000 miles on H-rated versions.

The tire incorporates General’s “Peak Anti-Slip Sipe Design” technology that increases the number of biting edges for traction on slippery roads, and “Low Surface Abrasion” technology for reduced rolling tread distortion, resulting in even treadwear and extended treadlife.

More information and a dealer locator are available on Conti’s General-brand website.

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