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McLaren intros industrial, OTR tires

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TORRANCE, Calif. (July 3, 2014) — After more than 10 years of field testing, McLaren Industries Inc. has added off-road and industrial tires to its Nu-Air semi-pneumatic tire series.

The new tires integrate “the strength and stability of a solid tire with the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tire,” the company said, adding that with their lower cost per hour of operation, Nu-Air tires have “become widely known as the smart alternative to foam-filled tires and regular pneumatic tires.”

The company said its R&D department decided to invest in new tire sizes and apply semi-pneumatic tire technology for heavy construction equipment after “numerous inquiries” from OEMs and equipment users that reported “higher equipment productivity and reduced maintenance costs derived” from the use of solid cushion tires that, originally, were predominantly used on skid steer loaders and some backhoes.

In response, McLaren said it has introduced a full range of tires—once available to compact equipment only—to the OEM and retail markets for users of backhoes, telehandlers, front-end loaders, wheel loaders and wheeled excavators.

McLaren’s Nu-Air Flat-Proof Flexi Solid OTR tires are available in the following new sizes covering almost the entire OTR range, according to the tire maker:

• 33X12-16 DT and 33X12-16 AT;

• 50x13-24 DT and 50x13-24 AT;

• 53X14-24 RT, 53X14-24 AT and 53X14-24 DT;

• 17.5-25 DT, 17.5-25 AT and 17.5-25 SS;

• 20.5-25 AT, 20.5-25 SS and 20.5-25 RT;

• 23.5-25 DT, 23.5-25 AT and 23.5-25 SS;

• 26.5-25 DT, 26.5-25 AT and 26.5-25 SS; and

• 29.5-25 AT.

McLaren called its OTR solid cushion tires “a smart alternative” to foam-filled or solid tires as well as to the use of heavy, expensive tire chains preferred by many mining companies.

“The flat-proof technology eliminates the need for tire prevention, while the extra weight of the tires provides the stability that is crucial on any harsh terrain,” the tire maker said.

For instance, the company said its RT tread pattern for size 20.5x25 “has been developed precisely for problematic surfaces, where rocks, scrap and debris give a hard time even to the most experience operators.”

McLaren’s manufacturing site is in Rayong, Thailand. It maintains five distribution centers in the U.S., in California, Indiana, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas, according to its website.

More information about available tire sizes and product lines is available on McLaren’s website or by calling 800-836-0040.

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