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‘Moron’ drives girlfriend’s VW onto live racetrack

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(Clip from YouTube video) Driving his girlfriend’s VW (white car on left) onto a racetrack during a live race could prove pretty expensive for “Jack.” The stunt caused the race to be stopped—and drivers are honking-mad.

By Mike Larson, Crain News Service

KENT, England (June 19, 2014) — What would happen if a bonehead drove onto a racetrack while there was a race going on?

As this video reveals, you could expect to hear a lot of screaming.

Recently, the aforementioned video surfaced of a man driving a Volkswagen onto Brands Hatch racetrack during a VW Fun Cup race in Kent.

According to reports, 21-year-old “Jack” drove his frantic girlfriend’s car onto the track during a live race. The race was then red flagged and all drivers left the track.

At least one racer is reportedly considering legal action against the boneheaded driver.

Rod Barrett, who started the race in 13th position, had climbed all the way up to third and had a chance to win when the race was stopped.

He told the regional news website that he was very upset with the way the event ended.

“This idiot caused us and other teams to accept our positions prematurely and cost us and others championship points,” Mr. Barrett said.

“Fun Cup competitors pay a lot of money for our track time and in race fees. I am therefore looking at the legal possibilities of starting a combined lawsuit/class action against this moron to reclaim our race fees and costs, as he ruined our race.”

It could get pretty expensive for the young man, referred to as “Jack” in the video. With 26 teams involved in the series at about $6,800 each, if Mr. Barrett and others choose to sue, “Jack” could be looking at a $177,000 bill.

Regardless of civil suits, the video shot from inside the car reveals his girlfriend pleading with him not to commit the stunt, and we presume his later arrest for false imprisonment came as a result of her protestations.

This report appeared on the website of Autoweek magazine, a Detroit-based sister publication of Tire Business.

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