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TBC adds Dynacargo truck tire line

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(Tire Business photo by Bruce Davis) Bill Dashiell, TBC Wholesale vice president of product marketing, says the company is targeting the Sailun medium truck tire line at the “mid-value segment.”

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (June 9, 2014) — TBC Wholesale has secured the North American sales rights to the Dynacargo-brand medium truck tire line, adding a “value” brand to its portfolio to complement its Sumitomo- and Sailun “optimized” and “high value” products.

China Manufacturers Alliance L.L.C. said it has assigned rights to the Dynacargo brand to TBC Wholesale but continues to own and import the brand from suppliers in China.

TBC is offering the value-priced Dynacargo line in nine applications, covering a total of 52 SKUs in 19.5- to 24.5-inch rim diameters, according to the brand’s online catalog.

At the same time, TBC has broadened its Sailun and Sumitomo truck tire lineups. TBC debuted the expanded commercial tire lineup at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville earlier this year.

The company is targeting the Sailun medium truck tire line at the “mid-value segment” according to Bill Dashiell, TBC Wholesale vice president of product marketing, thus providing a “high value proposition with a combination of technology, innovation, and quality at a competitive price point.”

TBC is offering the Sailun line in 14 applications covering 72 SKUs, including four SmartWay-verified products.

The distributor sources the brand from its manufacturer, China’s Qingdao Sailun Tyre Co. Ltd.

As for TBC’s premium Sumitomo product line, the wholesaler has broadened its offerings to 19 applications covering 87 SKUs, including three SmartWay-verified products and three wide-base singles.

TBC last year established a Sumitomo Select National Account program that offers participating dealers a package of advantages such as quick delivery, competitive pricing, flexible billing options, wide product selection and nationwide warranties.

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