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Nexen Tire revamps warranty program

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DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (June 6, 2014) — Nexen Tire Corp. has revamped its replacement market warranty program to be “the most comprehensive and aggressive warranty in the tire industry,” the company said.

The new Nexen Total Coverage Warranty program, which launched May 1, offers consumers three pieces of protection, according to Nexen. These include:

• A limited tread wear warranty that protects against under-delivered guaranteed miles;

• A two-year limited road hazard warranty that protects against damage caused by potholes, nails, glass and other debris; and

• A 36-month roadside assistance program that provides free tire changes in case of a flat tire, along with free towing service if no usable spare tire is available.

“When building this new warranty, it was important to keep the consumer’s perspective of what would be valuable to them,” said Kyle Roberts, director of marketing for Nexen.

“We wanted a program that would offer benefit throughout the life of the product, protect consumers from premature replacement costs and — most importantly — keep people safe on the side of the road. We are confident that we accomplished that.”

Nexen said its new warranty program covers tires purchased on or after the launch date. A list of covered patterns along with more detailed warranty information are available on the firm’s website.

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