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Titan unveils LSW technology website

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Titan Tire Corp.’s new website features information on the company’s Low Sidewall (LSW) technology tires and wheels.

QUINCY, Ill. (May 29, 2014) — Titan International Inc.’s Titan Tire Corp. subsidiary has launched a website  to provide information about the company’s Low Sidewall (LSW) technology tires and wheels for agriculture, construction and mining equipment.

The site includes an overview of LSW technology and its claimed benefits, the history behind the technology’s development, product information, details on how to buy from a dealer as well as videos of real-world equipment owners who switched from standard tires to LSW tires, according to Titan.

Richard Rose, Quincy-based Titan International’s vice president of sales and marketing, said the website’s launch “is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and product development.

“We’ve taken a concept that has proven successful in the automotive market and perfected it for agriculture, construction and mining applications. Now it’s just a matter of educating the public before LSW becomes the new standard for off-the-road markets.”

Titan claims benefits of the LSW technology include:

• LSW tires feature a larger rim diameter and shorter sidewall than comparable standard tires, while maintaining the same inflation pressures, weight load capacities and outside tire diameters.

• LSW offers a smoother ride, greater stability, faster speeds and improved safety.

• Titan and Goodyear farm tires are the only brands that offer LSW technology for off-the road markets.

To view a video on LSW tires and wheels, click here.

Titan International is a holding company that owns subsidiaries supplying wheels, tires and assemblies for off-highway equipment used in agricultural and earthmoving/construction as well as consumer applications. The company operates production facilities in Freeport, Ill., Bryan, Ohio, and Des Moines, Iowa, which is the tire group’s headquarters. The company manufactures Titan- and Goodyear-brand farm tires.

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