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Marangoni N.A. to handle ‘Easy Stacker’

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(Marangoni Tread North America Inc. photo) The Easy Stacker is a forklift-mountable hydraulic lift/grabber capable of lifting and moving a stack of up to six truck tires.

MADISON, Tenn. (May 22, 2014) — Marangoni Tread North America Inc. has struck a deal with a Danish equipment maker to become the North American distributor of the “Easy Stacker” hydraulic tire-handling equipment.

The Easy Stacker is a forklift-mountable hydraulic lift/grabber capable of lifting and moving a stack of up to six truck tires safely and quickly. The lifting capacity is rated at up to 1,650 pounds and a maximum height of 6.8 feet.    

Developed by Just Easy Tools A.p.S. of Holsteberg, Denmark, the Easy Stacker is designed to fit forklifts with a minimum load capacity of 4,000 pounds. The tool can be set up with a quick change option for greater versatility.

It saves time, reduces manpower needs, improves safety and decreases the likelihood of tire damage, Marangoni said.

The Easy Stacker streamlines tire stacking, Marangoni said, and in one motion moves tires from vertical to horizontal, allowing for increased productivity, reducing loading/unloading time, provides for more efficient tire manipulation in the warehouse, and overall decreasing the total costs associated with all phases of tire handling.

Just Easy Tools was founded in May 2011. It offers a video on its website showing the tool in use.

“The Easy Stacker tool reduces cost and improves efficiencies,” said Don Rizzi, national sales development manager for Marangini. “Both are key to keeping a competitive edge.”

Bob Jewell, president of Jewell Tire Retreading Inc., said using the Easy Stacker has cut the load/unload time for trailers by up to 30 percent and reduced stacking time by 50 percent.

“We’ve virtually eliminated doing this by hand,” he said in a Marangoni press release.

Just Easy Tools also offers the Easy Gripper, a three-pronged hydraulic gripper, for handling farm and other OTR tires that allows the operator to position the mounted tire/wheel assembly onto the vehicle.

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