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SMP intros TechSmart promo

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NEW YORK (May 12, 2014) — Standard Motor Products Inc. (SMP) has introduced the TechSmart “Sell and Score” promotion for counterpersons who sell premium TechSmart products.

For the promotion, running through July 15, any counterperson selling at least 10 units of TechSmart parts will receive a $25 rebate Visa card. The incentive program “is designed to raise TechSmart awareness and to encourage counterpersons to continue to ‘Reach for TechSmart,’” according to the company.

Counterpersons have two ways to participate: They can record each TechSmart part sale on an official Sell and Score scorecard or keep track of their progress with an eScorecard after registering at the official Sell and Score website. Scorecards and valid registration codes are available from SMP/TechSmart sales representatives. The company said terms and conditions can be found on the TechSmart

“TechSmart is recognized in the marketplace for its innovation and engineering expertise, superior product quality and competitive pricing,” said Phil Hutchens, vice president engine management marketing for SMP. “It’s our goal to continue to support our customers with the tools they need to be successful and the Sell and Score promotion is just one way we do that.”

SMP markets more than 300 exclusive TechSmart products in 100+ categories, delivering “what the technician needs for today’s complex vehicle systems.”

The company supplies independent professional auto technicians and automotive do-it-yourselfers with high replacement parts for engine management ignition, emission and fuel systems as well as temperature control products for domestic and import cars and light trucks. SMP’s products are sold through both traditional and non-traditional distribution channels. More information about SMP is available on its website.




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