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Rotary upgrading 'assistPRO' service

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(Vehicle Service Group illustration) Rotary Lift provides assistPRO layout drawings in CAD or PDF electronic formats or as color prints, based on customer preference, according to the company.

MADISON, Ind. (May 9, 2014) — Vehicle Service Group’s Rotary Lift business is expanding its “assistPRO” facility-planning assistance service to keep up with rising demand and give customers additional options for creating custom shop layouts.

Available to any Rotary Lift customer free of charge, assistPRO helps users maximize shop efficiency and technician productivity by determining the optimal number, placement and arrangement of vehicle lifts for a new or remodeled facility, Rotary Lift said.

The number of shops taking advantage of the program has more than doubled over the past five years as the economy has improved, Rotary Lift said. This far in 2014 the assistPRO team has taken in 35 percent more jobs than it did over the same period in 2013.

“Dealers and independent shops have recovered from the recession and are starting to invest in their facilities again,” said Larry Kendall, assistPRO technical information specialist – facility planner for Rotary Lift.

“No matter if they are expanding, moving into new buildings or just upgrading old equipment, it pays to utilize assistPRO. When you include lifts in your shop layout upfront, there is less of a chance you will need to go through a costly redesign and delay the project.”

After determining a facility’s intended use, the assistPRO team draws a floor layout with lifts placed for maximum productivity, Rotary Lift said. Turning radii and traffic flow are matched to the types of vehicles serviced so technicians will be able to pull into and out of the bays efficiently.

Rotary Lift provides assistPRO layout drawings in CAD or PDF electronic formats or as color prints, based on customer preference, and starting later this year assistPRO will offer 3-D SketchUp models, which the company said will give architects and distributors an additional easy-to-use resource for helping customers.

The current portfolio comprises CAD blocks, 3-D BIM models and written specifications for its products through ARCAT, Rotary Lift said.

Turnaround is usually seven to 10 days.

Madison-based Rotary Lift offers lifts for automotive service, commercial truck and transit and enthusiast/residential customer segments. The firm is a Vehicle Service Group brand, under the aegis of Dover Corp.

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