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RMA supports Colo. scrap tire bill

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DENVER (April 17, 2014) — The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) is supporting a bipartisan measure in the Colorado legislature to address the state’s severe scrap tire stockpile problem.

Colorado House Bill 1352, co-sponsored by state Reps. Don Coram and Max Tyler, would set a path for the state to:

• Clean up its tire monofills;

• End the practice of paying subsidies to end-users of scrap tires, even those that haven’t proved they have a marketable product; and

• Slash the scrap tire abatement fee on new tire purchases to 55 cents from $1.50 per tire.

Of the approximately 100 million stockpiled scrap tires left in the U.S., more than 60 million are in Colorado, according to the RMA.

(Rubber Manufacturers Association photo)
Michael Blumenthal

“Experience has proven that state waste tire management problems can be solved with enforcement, active cleanup efforts and the expansion of waste tire markets,” said RMA Vice President Michael Blumenthal.

“By closing the tire monofills and eliminating taxpayer subsidies, Colorado can work toward developing more diverse and higher-value markets for waste tires,” he said.

Any further delay in addressing this issue increases the chances that Colorado could suffer an environmental cleanup nightmare if one of the mammoth tire piles were to catch fire, Mr. Blumenthal said.

“We look forward to moving this proposal forward and establishing an effective and environmentally sound waste tire program.”

Mr. Blumenthal, the RMA’s expert on scrap tire abatement, recycling and markets, will testify in favor of the bill April 17 before the Colorado House Transportation and Energy Committee.

He plans to retire in July after 24 years with the association.

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