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See the sinkhole at Corvette Museum

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(Crain News Service photos) This is one of the Corvette Museum's sinkhole casualties.

By Blake Z. Rong, Crain News Service

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (April 15, 2014) — Normally, the Corvette Bash at the National Corvette Museum every April is a chance for fiberglass fans to celebrate the Corvette’s next model year.

Indeed, attendees of the weekend of April 26-28 will get to check out the 2015 Corvette Stingray, a highly recommended opportunity.

Attendees can tour the Barton 1792 Distillery and play golf with Kirk Bennion. Wilmer Cooksey Jr. will sign copies of his book “No Time to Cry,” revealing his journey toward becoming the plant manager of Bowling Green—a book that has touched the heart of at least one Amazon reviewer. Chief engineer Tadge Juechter will make an appearance.

This tangled mess was once a Corvette.

But this year, something special is in the air—there’s a certain magic at the Corvette Museum. It’s the smell of dirt and dust across the Skydome, mostly. Because if you register now, you can don a hard hat, take out your iPhone and get a gander at the very sinkhole that swallowed up so many classic Corvettes.

“You’ll get the opportunity to venture into the Skydome,” said the National Corvette Museum in a Facebook posting, “and onto the pedestal for photo ops and to view the hole at a safe distance.”

You’ll hear from executives of the construction company tasked with rebuilding the museum’s great spire, an effort funded through generous donations. If you’re sufficiently generous with your donations, you can receive not an NPR tote bag but a leftover press kit from the 2013 Stingray launch. Previously hot sellers, we had previously thought all 2013 numbered and limited kits had been accounted for. GM was able to dig some up, which beats building a time machine for the 2013 Detroit auto show.

The “Great Eight” will all be on display in the main atrium, now that they’ve all been liberated from their rocky grave. “I think you should place the Mallet Corvette back in the hole,” sniped one uncharitable Facebook fan.


This report appeared on, the website of Autoweek magazine, a Detroit-based sister publication of Tire Business.

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