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TBC expands Hifly tire line

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Hifly AT601 all-terrain radial

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (April 14, 2014) — TBC Wholesale is expanding its HiFly consumer tire line with additional sizes and winter fitments and is promising to keep expanding the economy segment tire line it imports from China.

TBC Wholesale also is broadening its WinterClaw winter line with additional sizes.

TBC is broadening the HiFly line by adding a dozen metric passenger sizes and two LT sizes to the AT601 all-terrain line and one commercial LT size to the HT601 highway all-season line, along with new sizes of both studdable and non-studded winter lines.

TBC launched the HiFly program in 2012, acquiring the U.S. and Canadian distribution rights from Unicorn Tire Corp., the Memphis, Tenn.-based importer/wholesaler; the brand itself is registered with China's Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd.

The new metric all-terrain sizes are in 15- to 17-inch rim diameters, which together with the new LT sizes — LT285/75R16 and LT285/70R17 — expand the range to 23 sizes in what TBC calls the “highest volume” sizes in the segment.

The AT601 features a an aggressive tread design for all surface traction and durability while maintaining ride comfort and even wear, TBC said.

In addition, TBC is adding the LT215/85R16 size to the HT601 Highway All Season line, boosting that line to 17 metric and LT sizes. The HT601 has a solid center rib and slotted shoulder design for applications that require superior on-road stability and tracking, long even wear and extended commercial service use.

Hifly HT601

Jon Vance, senior director of product marketing, said, “We are committed to continue growing this great program to bring dealers even more opportunity to make a difference with HiFly. These key size additions, especially in the growing value AT segment are in keeping with that commitment. And there’s more to come.”

In the winter area, TBC is expanding the HiFly Win-Turi 215 studdable line and adding a studless Win-Turi 212 line along with the studdable Vigorous W601 light truck line, along with expanding its Winter Claw EXTreme Grip MX studdable line.

TBC is adding 11 sizes in 15- to 17-inch rim diamters to the Win-Turi 215 line, expanding the range to 28 sizes, the company said. Designed for compacts, sedans and smaller SUVs, the Win-Turi 215 features a directional tread design with solid center rib for smooth handling and a silica-based tread compound for enhanced cold weather traction.

Additionally, TBC is adding the Win-Turi 212 studless line the 2014-2015 season, in 49 popular metric sizes and an asymmetric tread design.

Complementing the expansion of the Win-Turi line will be the introduction of the Hifly Vigorous W601 in eight LT fitments. The W601 features an aggressive directional tread design for optimum performance.

TBC is adding 16 sizes, ranging from 175/65R15 to 275/40R20, to its Winter Claw EXTreme Grip MX studdable line, extending the line to 64 sizes for passenger cars, SUVs and pickups.

Introduced in 2010 and exclusively marketed by TBC, the Winter Claw EXTreme Grip targets the economy winter tire market with a combination of performance, size assortment and technologies historically associated with a higher tier product, while offering an economical price point to drive consumer demand.

TBC did not identify the tire’s maker or country of origin.

The Winter Claw offers a directional design, dense siping pattern and progressively distributed stud pins for cold weather grip and stability on all surface conditions. Additionally, the Winter Claw is manufactured with the extensive use of environmentally friendly technologies, complying with the European Union “Clean Oil” regulation.

“It is important that we continue the development and differentiation of the Winter Claw program in terms of appropriate high growth size additions, especially in the 18-, 19- and 20-inch later model crossover, SUV and the newer compact fitments that are increasing in popularity, especially in Canada,” Mr. Vance said.

The Winter Claw program is available through TBC Wholesale’s “Core Brand”  programs for the replacement tire market.

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