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TBC rolls out Sumitomo HTR Enhance

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TBC Wholesale Sumitomo HTR Enhance, an OE-level performance touring tire.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (April 4, 2014) — TBC Wholesale is adding the HTR Enhance, an OE-level performance touring tire designed for sedans, coupes, crossovers and SUVs, to its Sumitomo-brand portfolio.

TBC will offer the HTR Enhance in 60 sizes in 15- to 18-inch rim diameters — ranging from 185/65R15 to 255/55R18 — and in two vehicle applications: the Enhance L/X for passenger cars and the Enhance C/X for crossovers crossovers and SUVs.

“The Sumitomo HTR Enhance is a true first replacement option — combining OE-level precision performance and quality with an attractive price that delivers superior value to customers and dealers alike,” said Jon Vance, senior director of marketing, TBC Wholesale. 

“With 60 sizes across multiple speed ratings,…dealers benefit from a single go-to product line that truly meets the needs of the evolving performance touring tire market,” Mr. Vance added.

Depending on size and application, the tires carry T, H, V or W speed ratings, TBC said, and limited tread warranties ranging from 50,000 to 90,000 miles. The tire is produced by Japan’s Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.; TBC Wholesale is the exclusive importer/distributor of the Sumitomo brand in North America.

Tire Business file photo by Bruce Davis John Vance, senior director of marketing, TBC Wholesale.

TBC said the HTR Enhance is engineered to align with both the performance capabilities of later-model vehicles and the increased consumer preference for tires that blend extended tread life, responsive handling, all-season traction and refined ride comfort.

TBC will market the tire using Sumitomo’s brand message: “Evolutionary Design, Revolutionary Performance.”

Among the tire’s features:

  • A tread compound optimized for extended and even wear, combined with exceptional all-season traction;
  • An optimized multi-pitch tread block combination for minimized road noise;
  • Strategically placed tread channeling and grooving to maximize water evacuation and wet traction;
  • Wide outside tread block zone for outstanding high speed cornering and handling stability.

The treadwear warranties apply as follows:

  • 90,000 miles for T-Rated LX;
  • 70,000 miles for H- and V-Rated LX;
  • 60,000 miles for T-, H- and V-rated CX;
  • 50,000 miles for W-Rated LX.

TBC also offers a 45-day test drive, 2-year roadside assistance, 1-year road hazard protection, and free defect replacement for life of usable tread.

The HTR Enhance will be available on a rolling basis beginning in April with all sizes available by July, TBC said.


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