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Sentury Tire expands Landsail line

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LS588 SUV/CUV Sentury Tire Americas

MIAMI (April 3, 2014) — Sentury Tire Americas, a subsidiary of China’s Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., has  expanded the number of sizes available in the Landsail LS588 UHP and LS588 SUV/CUV lines.

Sentury added four 22-inch rim diameter sizes to its LS588 UHP line and added four 24-inch and two 26-inch sizes to its LS588 SUV line.

“The LS588 tire series offers drivers a unique blend of performance, comfort and low road noise,” said Max Wee, director of sales for Sentury Tire.

“We feel that there are not many tires available that provide ride quality and performance characteristics. Plus we offer the LS588 UHP for passenger cars as well as the LS588 SUV/CUV for sports utility and crossover vehicles.”

The LS588 UHP and LS588 SUV/CUV all-season tires feature 3-D zigzag sipes that lock together to maintain block rigidity but provide more biting edges for wet or snowy roads; reduced rolling resistance; four wide longitudinal grooves to channel out water; water dispersing sipes and grooves; and shoulder design with step-edge blocks that boost grip and a shape that reduces both wind resistance and heat build-up, according to the company.

More information is available on Sentury’s website.

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