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Pro Comp offers rebate on XMT2 tires

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COMPTON, Calif. (April 3, 2014) — Off-road components maker and private brand tire marketer Pro Comp USA is backing a mail-in rebate promotion for its “latest and greatest tread pattern.”

The company’s offer, running through June 30, covers its range of Xtreme MT2 tires. In addition, Compton-based Pro Comp said a 40-inch version of the tire will be available to consumers in May.

U.S. and Canadian consumers will receive up to a $100 mail-in rebate on the purchase of a set of four Xtreme MT2 tires during the promotion.

Pro Comp said it has “prepared an arsenal of materials to assist distributors and retailers” in promoting the rebate, including in-store point-of-purchase displays with tear off rebate sheets. The firm also noted it has “invested heavily” in a print and online marketing campaign that targets off-road enthusiast publications and websites.

“Pro Comp has experienced significant interest from the off-road community since we launched the new Xtreme MT2 tire,” said Steve Hutchinson, Pro Comp Tire director. “Combining the strength of national advertising along with the consumer allure of a rebate on the XMT2, we expect the three-month promotion to drive dramatic sales increases—to the benefit of all parties involved.”

The national marketing schedule, e-banners, flyer, rebate forms and terms and conditions can be downloaded from Pro Comp’s special rebate website for dealers and distributors. 

Consumers can go to a different site to download the rebate form along with full terms and conditions.

Xtreme MT2 Pro Comp USA

According to Pro Comp, the new Xtreme MT2 radial—available in sizes from 31- to 40-inch rim diameters —is designed for full-size trucks and SUVs that see a combination of on- and off-road use. The tires, also available for new 80psi E load range applications, come standard with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty, which Pro Comp claims is the industry’s “first mud terrain treadwear warranty.”

For more information contact Mr. Hutchinson via email at



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