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Hercules launches Ironman brand medium truck tires

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(Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. photo) Hercules' I-601 is a premium regional, all-position tire for both steer and trailer applications.

FINDLAY, Ohio (March 27, 2014) — Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. has introduced the Ironman I-Series, a new line of medium truck tires it claimed has one of the best cost-per-mile averages in the industry.

Hercules said its Ironman associate brand offers tire dealers “an appealing balance of quality and economy.” The I-Series line offers more than 30 SKUs, comprising highway, open-shoulder drive, closed-shoulder drive, mixed service and trailer options.

“Dealers and end-users have really taken an interest in the Ironman brand over the past few years because it’s an economy brand that never falls short on features or quality,” said Joshua Simpson, Hercules Tires’ vice president of marketing. “The I-Series medium truck offering is our newest and one of our most promising Ironman introductions.”

Select patterns are SmartWay verified, Hercules said, and the company is pursuing verification for additional patterns. The I-Series line-up includes:

  • I-601, a premium regional, all-position tire for both steer and trailer applications. The tire features anti-slip properties for traction and directional stability, and it is SmartWay verified.
  • I-208, a closed-shoulder tire for drive axle applications, with a solid shoulder that Hercules said provides stability and resistance to irregular wear. The tire is SmartWay verified.
  • I-460, a trailer tire designed for long- or short-haul applications. Hercules said it includes sipes for better traction and drainage. The tire is SmartWay approved.
  • I-109, a regional all-position rib tire for steer and trailer applications. It features a five-rib design for long mileage and shoulder wear resistance on steer axle use.  
  • I-370, an open-shoulder drive tire, featuring a deep tread with siped blocks, which Hercules said provide excellent mileage and traction under all weather conditions.
  • I-604, an open-shoulder drive tire with specially compounded tread designed for longer life. It features large, aggressive lugs for traction under all conditions and siping for better water traction and decreased heel-to-toe wear.
  • I-181, an all-position tire intended primarily for trailer applications. It features a five-rib design for long mileage and shoulder wear resistance during steer axle use. The tire has microsipes that Hercules said work to fight onset of irregular wear and provide better mileage.
  • I-301, a highway mixed-service tire, featuring special tread and sidewall compounding designed to resist chips, cuts and tears and protect against scuffing and impact. The tire has three center ribs to ensure good directional stability, even wear and a smooth ride, Hercules said.

Ironman brand medium truck tires include a limited warranty against defects in workmanship or material for five years from the date of purchase and carry a casing warranty for one retread.

Hercules’ Ironman family of tires includes passenger, light truck, medium truck, OTR, agricultural, specialty and industrial lines.

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