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IMI rebrands, launches updated website

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IMI Inc.’s website promotes the firm’s products with slogan’s like “I will not bald prematurely” and “Does this road make my tires look flat?”

CINCINNATI (March 26, 2014) — IMI Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of tire sealant and balancing solutions for the commercial trucking industry, has refreshed its brand with a new logo and marketing strategy and updated its website.

Chambersburg, Pa.-based IMI announced the changes during Myers Tire Supply’s sales meeting and vendor fair March 21 in Cincinnati.

IMI said its new website is more interactive, featuring information about the company’s current and upcoming product offerings; a resource library with detailed literature, including white papers; videos and charts; success stories; and an ROI calculator.

In updating its brand image, John Tak, director of marketing and product development for IMI said the company’s goal was to move away from a product-first mentality and toward a solutions-based one.

“We’re moving away from what it was, which was a very product-first story,” he told Tire Business. “When you think about any product that you consider, is it the specs that are more important or is it fixing the problem?”

The update began last year, when IMI celebrated its 40th anniversary.

“It really started with the thought—40-year brand logo, 40-year brand—how do we refresh it for the next 40 years? I went on a mission to really modernize and strengthen that brand and strengthen the company’s story around it,” he said. “We’re not about products; we’re about solutions.”

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