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Bauer Built anniversary sweepstakes for employees

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DURAND, Wis. (March 21, 2014) — Bauer Built Inc. recently launched two sweepstakes programs in recognition of its 70th anniversary.

The Durand-based commercial dealership will mark 70 years on April 18. Tad Bauer, president, said that in appreciation of the dedication and loyalty the company’s employees have given over the past 70 years—and as an incentive for salespeople to increase sales in 2014—Bauer Built is offering employees a chance to win pickup trucks, fishing boats, all-terrain vehicles and an assortment of other prizes.

An employee’s chances of winning are either directly related to his or her years of service to the company or based on sales performance.

Mr. Bauer said the company’s slogan is, “Our strength is in our people,” and this is Bauer Built’s way of telling them “we mean that and how much we appreciate their efforts—past and present.”

The dealership is one of the largest commercial tire and retread dealers in the U.S., serving the Midwest in the wholesale, commercial and retail distribution of new and retreaded tires, batteries, automotive services and other related products.

It operates 30 tire centers, seven retread plants, three rim and wheel reconditioning plants and 11 wholesale distribution centers.

The company’s petroleum division consists of a bulk petroleum business and, additionally, Bauer Built operates a transportation department, a vehicle maintenance department and one car wash.

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