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Kumho debuts dealer portal

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (Mar. 13, 2014) — Kumho Tire USA Inc. has unveiled the Kumho Tire Dealer Portal, a “one-stop” resource for all manufacturer-dealer sales interactions.

Kumho said the new portal grants Kumho Premium FUEL dealers, Kumho distributors and their selected employees entry into a personalized interface for ease of accessing information and tools of benefit to the users. The portal provides access to literature, advertising assets, popular wearables and other tools. It is not open to the pubic and accessible only to businesses that have a relationship with the Rancho Cucamonga-based tire maker.

“Kumho’s portal investment will help our dealers increase their own business, providing the tools to better manage their retail outlets with timely 24/7 communications” said S.B. Kim, head of Kumho’s marketing team.

The portal includes five primary modules:

  • My Dashboard: Includes dealer store information, location and business specifics, online tracking system for points and bonus programs are tracked. It takes just minutes to manage, adjust and confirm day-to-day business activity and provides a quick look at vital signs and what’s new on the portal.
  • EDGE Training: provides information presented in easy-to-learn “quizzes” designed to facilitate dealer staff education. Progressing through the training quizzes will earn EDGE Training points, which can be redeemed for premium items from the Kumho Store.
  • Premium FUEL: offers a comprehensive way of working better, smarter and easier with the bonus of adding more profit to the bottom line for every Kumho tire sold, according to the tire maker.
  • Sales tools: Dealers can download the latest data guides, product brochures and data sheets for individual tire products from one location in the sales tools feature. Retailers also can find logos, artwork and specific tire images needed to promote and sell Kumho tires.
  • Kumho Store: The Kumho Store module offers a large selection of premium items—from point-of-purchase support to top-of-the-line Kumho-branded wearables. Items are “purchased” with dealer-earned redeemable points and then shipped directly to the dealer’s store, Kumho said. Notifications on My Dashboard will highlight new and seasonal items.

More information about the Kumho Tire USA dealer portal is available by clicking here.

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