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Tire debuts aplenty at ConExpo

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LAS VEGAS (March 12, 2014) — Tire makers large and small used the recent 2014 ConExpo/Con-AGG trade show in Las Vegas to showcase their latest products for construction and mining industry applications.  

Balkrishna Industries Ltd., Bridgestone Corp., China Manufacturers Association L.L.C., Goodyear, Magna Tyres Group, Michelin North America and Yokohama Tire Corp. all rolled out new tires or enhancements to existing tire lines during the show, held March 4-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

ConExpo/Con-AGG is a triennial trade show for the construction and mining industries, featuring equipment, technology and products. The 2014 show hosted 2,400 exhibitors. Organizers anticipated an attendance of more than 125,000.

Earthmax SR 22 BKT

India’s BKT launched the Earthmax SR 22 Mud & Snow OTR tire designed for graders and loader applications.  This innovative tire provides great traction and stability in snow and wintery conditions, but can be utilized for year-round operations.

The Earthmax SR 22 is an all-steel radial with two steel belts, designed as an enhanced L2 category of tread depth (or L2T). Available at launch in one size, 20.5R25, BKT plans a second size, 17.5R25 1 Star, for use on graders to be released in the second half.

The tire features a five-block tread design with full-depth zigzag sipes for enhanced traction, especially in ice, snow or mud conditions, BKT said. The tire’s tread compound is designed for use in low temperature climates.

BKT also released the first edition of its OTR Tire Maintenence Manual, a document that provides access to technical information related to the construction, stamping, usage, operating condition requirements and broad categories of tire conditions, for all OTR users and customers.

The company said it’s part of its “Independence for Independents” strategy, and was compiled using the skills of the firm’s technical personnel in the U.S., Canada, Italy and India.

Bridgestone showed the Firestone DuraForce AP paver tire, featuring a notched rib pattern to help traction in unimproved conditions, a large contact patch to minimize impact on new paved surfaces, shallow tread depth for heat dissipation and a 35 psi inflation pressure for high flotation.

CMA debuted a Double Coin-brand loader tire, the REM-19 45/65R45 L5, and noted there’s a line of radial scraper tires in the pipeline for later this year.


GP4D Goodyear

Goodyear rolled out five tires in three key categories, for general service, articulated trucks/loaders and severe-haulage applications.

The tires launched were:

GP2B and RT3B for general service applications; TL3A+ and GP4D for articulated trucks and loaders; and RL5K radial for severe conditions.

The GP2B is described as a smooth-riding radial tire, built with a high-synthetic compound for long wear and cut resistance, a high-tensile steel belt package for enhanced impact resistance; open shoulder grooves for outstanding traction and self-cleaning; and a solid center rib for superior lateral traction.

The RT3B, designed for use in rough terrain, contains multiple steel belts to resist rock cuts and penetrations; all-steel radial construction to resist heat build-up; compounds for enhanced cost-per-mile and overall treadwear; and a wide tread width for extra mobility and a more stable and comfortable ride.

The TL3A+ and GP4D are for articulated trucks and loaders. The T3LA+ radial tire offers 25-percent deeper tread depth for traction and ride in soft soil conditions, Goodyear said, along with an ultrawide tread arc width, an open tread design to promote self-cleaning; synthetic/natural rubber compounding for long tread wear and cut resistance; and a high-tensile steel belt package for enhanced impact resistance.

The GP4D radial features a non-directional tread design for high fore, aft and lateral traction; ultrawide tread arc width for improved sidewall protection, enhanced flotation and enhanced tread life; and centerline riding lugs for long tread wear. Available in a 65-series profile and select widebase sizes.

The RL5K radial designed for more severe conditions with a deeper tread depth than a standard L-3 for optimal wear.

Also on display were Goodyear large-haulage tires like the RT4A+, the RM4A+ and the RM4B+, which are for quarry and aggregate use.

Dutch commercial/industrial tire distributor Magna Tyres launched its M-Straddle tire for straddle carriers for the U.S. market. The M-Straddle, available in size 16.00R25, is a radial designed for use on straddle carriers in demanding port and terminal conditions, the company said.

The M-Straddle is the firm’s newest tire for port-handling applications.

Michelin Earthmover rolled out new sizes of its X Crane+ and X-Super Terrain+ along with a lineup of X Traction radials for rigid dump trucks and the XHA2 radial for L3 loaders, and Michelin Agricultural launched two products for backhoe applications.

The X Crane+ is being launched in size 525/80R25, a popular crane tire size in North America, and offering additional load-carrying capacity (15,656 pounds at 50 mph) and a new load index of up to 176F, Michelin said, while the redesigned X-Super Terrain+ for use on articulated dump trucks will launch this fall in size 23.5R25, offering 15-percent longer treadlife thanks to a redesigned casing and new tread compounds.

The X Traction line for rigid dump trucks is engineered to deliver improved traction on soft surfaces, while the XHA2 radial is designed for enhanced productivity, safety and comfort.

“Articulated dump trucks and cranes perform in the most demanding of site conditions, and their tires need to deliver the maximum productivity and longevity,” said Hugo Morales, business segment manager, Michelin North America.

Michelin also featured its OperTrak Web-based tire-and-rim management system and the accredited Michelin Earthmover Performance Repairs program.

Michelin Agricultural’s debuts were the Power CL premium bias-ply and BibLoad Hard Surface radial.

The Power CL is designed to handle load capacities equal to a radial tire but with bias cost savings, Michelin said. The line is scheduled for a July launch, with a full product size offering before year-end.

James Crouch, compact equipment segment marketing manager for Michelin North America, said the Power CL “is a product we have needed in our portfolio to cover the needs of the market….”

The BibLoad Hard Surface the hard-surface version of the XMCL all-terrain backhoe radial tire, Michelin said. Plans are for a November launch.

TheBibLoad HS is a steel-belted radial with a reinforced casing and non-directional tread design for performance regardless of the tires’ rotational direction. This feature has made the HS a sought-after snow tire in Canada, Mr. Crouch said.

RL45 Yokohama

Yokohama unveiled two radial OTR tires for articulated dump trucks/scrapers and front-end loaders, the RL45 and RL51 OTR, in sizes 26.5R25 and 23.5R25, respectively.

“The new RL45 and RL51 spotlight our latest technology in OTR radial tire tread design,” said Tim Easter, Yokohama director, OTR sales. “Among the many benefits, the new treads are more durable and last longer.”

The RL45 E-4 is made for articulated dump trucks and scrapers, Yokohama said, and the L-4 version is for front-end loaders.

“Many manufacturers combine the L-4 and E-4 into a single application, but Yokohama built a tire for each, so there is no compromise for either application,” Mr. Easter said.

The RL45 features advanced tread composition for improved wear, low-heat generation and cut-resistance, a zigzag-shaped groove for better traction on rock and gravel surfaces; and a non-directional block pattern for abrasion and cut resistance.

The RL51 L-5 application, designed for front-end loaders and graders, features:

•High-tech tread compound that provides better wear- and cut-resistance;

•Non-directional block pattern offers traction and stability as well as abrasion- and cut-resistance on rock and gravel surfaces;

•High turn-up carcass construction protects against exterior damage with greater lateral stiffness;

•Buttress side protection offers prevention against outside damage; and

•Improved durability heightened through an advanced, multi-layered cross-ply steel belt package.

YTC also showed its RT41 E-4 with a “cut protective underground” tread compound for articulated dump trucks and scrapers. The RT41 is built with four steel belts to resist punctures and add stability, and features buttress side protection, which prevents sidewall damage. It is available in three sizes: 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25.

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