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Zafco bolsters Zeetex line

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SAALFELDEN, Austria (March 7, 2014) — International tire distributor Zafco Trading L.L.C. unveiled additions to its Zeetex line during a product launch Feb. 5 at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof in Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer.

The newest tire to be rolled out by Zafco is its Zeetex CT1000, which comes in 14 sizes in 14- to 16-inch rim diameters. Its features include rugged casing construction to withstand severe load; compounding to ensure longer mileage; shoulders’ profile ensures flat footprint, offering resistance against irregular wear; and good handling and road grip in both dry and wet conditions, according to the company.

In addition to the CT1000, Zafco also had on display several other tires in the Zeetex line that were launched last year following the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Those offerings, predominantly for the European market, include:

  • ZT2000, offered in 11 sizes in 12- to 16-inch rim diameters.
  • HP1000, offered in 22 sizes, in 15- to 18-inch rim diameters.
  • SU1000, available in 14 sizes, in 17- to 21-inch rim diameters.
  • AT1000, available in 13 sizes in 15- to 17-inch rim diameters.
  • HT1000, in 12 sizes in 16- and 17-inch rim diameters.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based Zafco said the launch was attended by more than 30 to 40 European and Russian distributors and garnered positive reviews concerning the new range of tires.

The tires — offering enhanced dry grip and steering response, good traction, ride comfort and good handling, mileage and reduced aquaplaning — are geared to change the European tire scene, Zafco said.

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