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Tirestamp adds intelligence to TPMS alerting

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ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (Feb. 28, 2014) — TireStamp Inc. has added INTELLAlerting to its TireVigil TPMS products to provide greater visibility of tire problems.

TireStamp said INTELLAlerting sends tire alerts only to personnel who can take action based on a vehicle's location and operating status. While most TPMS products set off an in-cab alarm to the driver to immediately react to each TPMS alert, in most fleets, drivers are not responsible for servicing their tires, according to the company.

Rochester Hills-based TireStamp's TireVigil with INTELLAlerting operates in "sleep mode," the company said, monitoring tires in the background and sending tire data to the TireVigil cloud where they are stored and further analyzed. However, when a tire exceeds a fleet's established threshold for underinflation or overheating, INTELLAlerting kicks in and sends alerts to appropriate fleet personnel and/or its tire service provider based on vehicle location and operating status.

INTELLAlerting also provides the ability to recognize whether the vehicle is moving, parked in the fleet's yard or at another location.

"One of the biggest benefits of TireVigil TPMS with INTELLAlerting is that it doesn't exasperate people with alerts that they can't do anything about," said TireStamp President Peggy Fisher.

"It directs alerts only to the right people based on their responsibility for handling the tire problem and the vehicle's location while taking into account whether or not the vehicle is running a revenue generating route."

She said the targeted alerting is completely customizable by the fleet, which can save time, money and aggravation, while optimizing the servicing of its tires.

For additional information visit the Tire Stamp website.


Editor's note: Peggy Fisher writes a commercial tire service column for Tire Business.

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