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ASA updates Mobile Inventory Manager software

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MERRIMACK, N.H. (Feb. 20, 2014) — ASA Automotive Systems released the latest version of its Mobile Inventory Manager (MIM) software module with improved technology.

ASA called its MIM software a simple yet powerful inventory tool that incorporates wireless, real-time barcode scanning technology with speed and accuracy to help tire dealers streamline manual processes, improve inventory management, boost employees productivity, enhance security and reduce shrinkage. MIM incorporates a small, wireless barcode scanning device in a rugged case to handle harsh warehouse conditions.

MIM allows tire dealers to take physical inventory, process inventory receipts and transfers in real-time. ASA said the Ship & Bill function facilitates the transfer of inventory between company locations and the shipment of product to customers. Both new inventory and retreads can be scanned and added to a customer invoice, a finished transfer, or a transfer request.

Because tire dealers can quickly scan barcodes, reconcile adjustments and post inventory, ASA said MIM can help them shave hours and even days off of the task of taking physical inventory. This streamlined process also allows dealers to incorporate inventory management best practices, such as cycle counts, to maintain a tight control over their inventory.

“ASA’s Mobile Inventory Manager sets a new standard for tire dealers,” said Ken Halle, president of ASA.

“The latest enhancements to this module are something our customers have asked for, and we’re very excited to be among the industry leaders with this technology. We’re not done yet, though. ASA is constantly innovating and adding new features, so keep watching us.”

More information is available on ASA’s website.

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