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Zero One again partners with General Tire Mint 400

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(The Mint 400 Inc. photo) Zero One Racing says it offers an arrive-and-drive race program where “all preparation, logistics and support are packaged around a safe, reliable race car."

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 6, 2014) — For the second consecutive year, Zero One Racing is partnering with the General Tire Mint 400 presented by Polaris RZR to be the “arrive and race” team for the event.

Through the deal, Las Vegas-based Zero One Racing, a division of Zero One Odysseys, will host the arrive-and-drive class part of the “Great American Off-Road Race,” allowing participants to simply get behind the wheel of an off-road racecar and race.

The company said since 2007 it has provided “unique opportunities to explore Nevada’s rarely traveled terrain and culture” through a “responsible approach” to the people and their land.

“Zero One Odysseys is always looking for ways to cater to the untamed spirit it all of us,” the firm said. “With Zero One Racing, you can climb into a professionally maintained off-road race vehicle and run a worry free race at the Mint 400,” with the company’s professional staff providing a fully prepped racecar to give participants “the thrill of a lifetime.”

Earl Desiderio of Zero One said doing one of the company’s Nevada Great Basin off-road tours “is an epic adventure and racing in the Mint 400 takes it to a whole new level. Most people spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars getting to race the Mint; our ‘arrive and race’ program makes it easy, safe and lets our clients concentrate on the parts that matter to them—driving, parties and winning (in whatever order they decide). Our drivers have fun, we handle the stress.”

Zero One Racing operates the Mint 400 spec class which, according to the company, is “an even playing field” with driver talent and strategy “the only advantage in the race.” Zero One participants will enjoy special status, the firm added, with VIP access to the Miss Mint contest, pre and post parties, a drive down the Las Vegas Strip and a storyline in the Mad Media-produced Mint 400 television show. Zero One alumni include actor Patrick Dempsey, who won the Zero One class at the 2013 Mint 400.

The company offers arrive-and-drive race programs where “all preparation, logistics and support are packaged around a safe, reliable race car—all equally prepared from one source. The magnitude of supporting hundreds of miles of desert race course is often under-estimated.” Its race programs are “turnkey, taking care of every detail—from hospitality to fuel stops to celebrations.”

Josh Martelli, COO of the Mint 400 Inc., which is owned and operated by Martelli Brothers, called the partnership “a great opportunity for the average adrenaline junkie to come out, rent a race vehicle and be a part of the Mint 400. Zero One will give you the experience of a lifetime and bring any race-inspired person up to speed so they can come have a great time and be competitive.”

For more information contact Zero One Racing at 949-412-5522 or via email at

Known as “The Great American Off-Road Race,” the General Tire Mint 400—begun in 1967—is described as “the oldest, roughest most spectacular off-road race in America,” featuring a 400-mile off-road marathon that annually draws nearly 300 race teams and 60,000 spectators to Las Vegas to compete in more than 20 classes of race vehicles. The event is part of the Best in the Desert American Off-Road Racing Series.

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