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Del-Nat adds stockholder in Ga.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Feb. 6, 2014) — Del-Nat Tire Corp. has added as a stockholder John Plumstead, president of Macon, Ga.-based Tire Distributors of Georgia Inc.

Tire Distributors of Georgia, which supplies tires to hundreds of dealers throughout the state, is family owned and operated. Mr. Plumstead runs the company along with his wife, Chief Financial Officer Donna Plumstead, and his son, Vice President and General Manager Sean Plumstead.

John Plumstead, who spent 25 years in the tire business before starting his own company in 2003, said the exclusive brands offered by Del-Nat — which include Delta, National, Sentinel, Chaparral and Akuret — played a major role in his decision to join.

"Del-Nat provides a protected territory, which certainly is advantageous to what our company does," he said. "We also get factory programs on a wide variety of tires, which is beneficial to our customers.

"Of course, it's a real positive to be part of a group owned by stockholders that care about each other and have their best interests at heart."

Tire Distributors of Georgia is an authorized distributor for Kenda, Yokohama, Cooper, Delinte, Landsail, Mickey Thompson, GRL farm and industrial tires, Hankook and Diamondback truck tires, according to the firm's website.

Each Del-Nat stockholder has protected territories under one or more of the Del-Nat brand names. Founded in 1989, the company said it is dedicated to products and services that "help independent tire dealers remain independent."

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