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Hercules adds all-position highway tire

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(Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. photo)

FINDLAY, Ohio (Jan. 27, 2014) — Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. has added an all-position premium highway tire, the H-801, to its Hercules H-Series line of medium truck tires.

Hercules said the H-801 is an EPA SmartWay-verified low rolling-resistance tire, approved for use on EPA SmartWay-certified equipment. The tire carries a 72-month warranty against manufacturing defects due to workmanship and material, with free replacement up to 50 percent wear, as well as updated casing and retreading allowances.

Features include:

  • Five-rib design with micro sipes and wide shoulder ribs with decoupling grooves resist irregular wear.
  • Technologically advanced tread compound contributing to low rolling resistance for optimum fuel efficiency and significant removal mileage.
  • Innovative groove technology leading to minimum stone retention, extending casing life.
  • Engineered for optimum weight distribution to promote even wear.

“The engineering behind this tire is very sophisticated, and the wear characteristics and warranty are outstanding,” said Minoo Mehta, Hercules Tire’s director of commercial tire marketing.

“Cosmetically, the tread pattern is very modern, so it is appealing to the eye. It’s an incredible value.”

The H-801 is available in four sizes: 11R22.5/14 144/142M; 11R22.5/16 146/143M; 295/75R22.5/14 144/142M; and 295/75R22.5/16 146/143M.

“We’ve done a lot to develop our H-Series line-up over the past year. Our customers have been looking forward to having this premium option as part of that expansion, so we’re very pleased to bring the H-801 to market,” said Joshua Simpson, Hercules Tire’s vice president of marketing.

The private brander did not say who is manufacturing the tire for Hercules, or its country of origin. But a spokeswoman said “it’s a Hercules brand tire so it’s designed and produced to our specifications and standards of quality. You know we have proprietary tread designs, so this is our tire through and through.”

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