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Pirelli World Challenge adds class

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ARLINGTON, Neb. (Jan. 3, 2014) — The organizer of the Pirelli World Challenge racing series has created a new touring class and announced a series of cost-reduction initiatives — including a longer life tire — for the series' upcoming 25th anniversary season.

The new class, dubbed TCA, is an evolution of the current TCB class with an emphasis on maintaining cost effectiveness while providing an easy avenue to entry into professional racing, according to Arlington-baed WC Vision.

Performance modifications are limited to stock sealed motors and stock transmissions, limited suspension modifications, StopTech front brakes and stock bodywork with no composites. Examples of eligible cars include the Honda Civic Si, Mazda MX-5, Ford Focus and Scion FR-S.

In addition, the series has reduced entry fees for the TCB class in 2014 by 13 percent and the class rules remain stable with the addition of rewards weight to further balance competition. TC class rules remain stable for 2014.

The new longer-lasting Pirelli P Zero race tire is projected to wear over two race weekends instead of one, WC Vision said.

The series also will institute a "P ZERO Dollars" program that will reimburse teams that register for a full season $200 in P Zero dollars for each event, or a total of $1,400 that can be used to purchase tires.

Teams that pre-pay four races receive $100 per race weekend, and teams that enter on a race-to-race basis receive $50 per race weekend.

For 2014, the series is again offering TC/TCA and TCB teams sponsor packages for $7,000. The package includes over $100,000 in marketing value/savings that can be used to leverage team partnership opportunities.

"We pride ourselves on listening to our teams and implementing solutions to address their feedback," said Geoff Carter, director of competition, Pirelli World Challenge.

"It wasn't surprising to hear that the cost of racing, especially for some of our TC and TCB competitors, is a barrier to running in the series. So we look at ways to reduce costs where we can."

Among the TCA rules are:

• Stock motor specifications — will have sealing procedures at first event for each vehicle

• Stock exhaust manifold, rest of exhaust is unrestricted, must exit at stock location

• Air filter element is unrestricted

• Stock flywheel, open clutch -- same physical sizes as stock

• Cockpit is per general rules, must retain factory dash pad

• Must use Optima brand battery

• Double adjustable shocks, non-remote reservoir, any manufacturer

• Open springs

• Minimum ride height — expected at 3.5 inches for all cars

• Base weights per each VTS

• Stock swaybars, may upgrade if allowed by VTS

• Stock suspension arms, limited suspension bushing upgrades

• Camber adjustment (plates or arms)

• Engine mount bushing maybe replaced with non-metallic (must retain stock configuration and location)

• StopTech front brake package is optional

• Stock rear brakes

• Stainless steel brake lines are allowed

• Brake ducting is allowed -- see PRR for options

• Limited ECU software -- only approved per VTS

• Stock Bodywork -- no composite components

• Hood latches may be modified or replaced

• Transmission stock with stock ratios (F.D. maybe approved as adjustment)

• Helical gear Limited Slip Differentials, ratios and specifications per each VTS

• 17x8 wheel — minimum weight specifications

• TC specific Pirelli Tire

The 2014 Pirelli World Challenge season comprises 12 double-event race weekends, including eight weekends for the GT classes and seven for the TC classes. The season starts March 28-30 at St. Petersburg, Fla., and concluding Sept. 12-13 at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City.

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