Published on December 27, 2013

Quaker State names winner of cash back bonus

HOUSTON (Dec. 27, 2013) — Shell Lubricants’ Quaker State motor oil brand has selected Terry Link of Killam, Alberta, as the next recipient of its Cash Back  Program,

Ms. Link recently hit the 300,000-mile (400,000 kilometer) mark in her 2003 GMC Yukon XL, according to Quaker State, while choosing Quaker State motor oil at each of the vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended service intervals. In line with its Cash Back warranty program, the company presented her with $3,000—the maximum allotted payout amount under the program—for Ms. Link’s loyalty to the brand and her mileage achievement. The payout is based on the U.S. Kelley Blue Book trade-in value for a participant’s vehicle.

A Quaker State spokeswoman said the cash back bonus is both a U.S. and Canadian program, open to any driver who owns a vehicle that is eligible for enrollment. The driver doesn’t have to surrender his or her vehicle to receive the payout. “It is simply a nice reward for reaching the 300,000-mile mark,” she said.

“I’m a believer in protecting my investment, especially when it comes to my vehicle. That’s why I enrolled in the Cash Back Program,” Ms. Link said in a Quaker State press release.

“I kept track of all my oil changes and used Quaker State to keep my engine running smoother and longer…and now they’re handing me cold hard cash.”

Quaker State launched its Cash Back Program in June 2011.

“At Quaker State, we not only value the overall life of a vehicle, but, more importantly, we value those who have been nothing but loyal to our brand,” said Chris Hayek, Quaker State global brand manager.

“The Quaker State Cash Back Program was created to show our appreciation for the individuals who have done just that—selecting Quaker State every time.”

Enrollment in the Quaker State Cash Back Program is open to eligible participants in the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty who use any Quaker State specialty motor oil starting no later than the 160,000 kilometer mark, the company said, Consumers are not eligible for the Cash Back Program if they use Quaker State conventional motor oil at or beyond the 99,420-mile (160,000 kilometer) mark, unless they are an existing Quaker State motor oil customer who registered for the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty program before June 1, 2011.

The company said its limited warranty protects 15 engine parts from lubricant-related failure and provides motorists’ vehicles with coverage for up to 10 years or 248,548 miles (400,000 kilometers), whichever comes first. The Quaker State warranty is free to qualifying consumers who use Quaker State motor oil products.

To qualify, consumers’ vehicles must have been manufactured within the last 72 months and have been driven 77,671 miles (125,000 kilometers) or less at the time of enrollment.


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