Published on December 6, 2013

Monroe catalog highlights new friction products

MONROE, Mich. (Dec. 6, 2013) — Tenneco Inc. has published its 2013-2014 Monroe Brakes catalog, featuring the brand’s newest friction product lines and several new part numbers for late-model applications.

The new master catalog highlights the brand’s Total Solutions line of ultra-premium brake pads, which the company said has reached coverage of 97 percent of domestic and foreign applications. Total Solutions pads are delivered with electronic wire wear sensors, noise elimination hardware, sensory locking plate (SLP) backing plates and other ultra-premium features, the company said.

Also featured in the catalog are Monroe’s ProSolution brake pads and the all-new Monroe Severe Solution friction line for trucks, vans, buses and emergency vehicles.

The ProSolution line—which consists of premium-technology pads at mid-range prices—offers up to 92-percent sales coverage for many wholesalers, Tenneco said. Several sets also include noise elimination hardware.

The Severe Solutions line of ultra-premium pads are available in 88 part numbers, Tenneco said, adding that the line offers “exceptional quality and coverage for severe-duty applications.” Monroe’s SLP backing plate, designed to enhance friction-pad-to-backing-plate retention, is one feature included in the line.

Tenneco also offers a small accessory line of special-design foreign application electronic wire wear sensors that cannot be included in the pad set box, it said.


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